The ATELIER DU RENARD was created in 2009 by MAGALI RENARD.
Trained at the Fine Arts of Lyon as well as Applied Arts, Magali has long worked as artistic director for the interior in different companies.

Magali is french based designer who caters for the luxury market with her bespoke hand embroidery service.

For the most part Magali's work is focused on interior applications, predominantly upholstery and ranges from contemporary or vintage chairs, ottomans, headboards, dorrs, wall panels, wallcoverings and stairwell.

Her style is centred on the importance of hand craftsmanship, with traditional techniques elevated to art forms. Being leather her material of choice, Magali and her team also work with other selected luxury materials such as woven fabrics, silk and suede. The intricate motifs of her creations give movements and texture to otherwise flat surfaces, bringing materials to life. Magali layered aesthetics ranges from bespoke upholstery to wall coverings, from window displays and to art pieces.